Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Due to bad diss records, horrible lyrics, dumbed down punchlines and just a careless approach to hip-hop the artist of 2012 have given us; the ladies of Lipstick and Lyrics have been put under lots of pressure to post weak music and with that we've been discouraged by the current state of hip-hop. 


Being faced with a void and all this superficial rap music has had us second guessing ourselves as hip-hop bloggers. How do we give the people hip-hop music when no one is really even making any? (This does not include every rapper)

First, I have to address the superficial rap lyrics and all the superficial rap fans the ones go to hip-hop shows to stand around and watch each other instead of enjoying the artist. 

I thoroughly enjoy a good hip-hop show ***except*** for the swarms of male groupies pushing me out of the way to hop on their favorite male artists’ d**k, it may seem vulgar but nothing is worse than a 6'5 dude standing in front of the stage admiring your favorite rapper while I stare at back of his head. *Just a heads up to alll male groupies rappers highly dislike you. Sorry.*

So with that being said; Lipstick and Lyrics will change the direction of the website. Though we have our doubts about the state of hip-hop and its impact it is having on the black community we both LOVE this hip-hop ish so much. With our keen insight and well respected opinions we could not just leave the blog game that easy.

We plan to build and develop the website which would include more reviews, original segments and original ideas. More columns, original interviews, while receiving our perspective on popular stories in the media.

L&L will share our personal opinion on today's hip-hop artist and rap music instead of the conventional posting of all the newest tracks. 

We are dedicating our website to new and talented artist. Artist who represent individuality, creativity and substance; who make cool and thought provoking content.

Our generation has the innate ability to create, using our personality. As one of the very few Hip-Hop blogs ran by women we will give you all what you truly deserve. L&L brings a raw and genuine sophistication to hip-hop, I (Shaahida) vow to never lose my love of trap rap, but we must discuss a wide spectrum of social issues, and give a more educated perspective on what’s happening in rap music, the black community and our generation which all ties in to the culture of hip-hop.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art: MyKhal Vincent

One day I was I talking to my friend about how I would love to see some dope hip hop art, not like the corny sketches of hip hop artist you could buy off any hood corners. (Not discrediting those pieces though)

In response my friend puts me on to this artist from Brooklyn, NY, MyKhal Vincent. I feel his art realistically captures the current state, and essence of hip hop for our generation. When I asked him what influenced him to take a Hip Hop direction towards his pieces he simply replied "Most of those are just my thoughts, random at most and a mix of what I wanted to see in a different way."

Below I will feature my two personal favorites,

The Ace of Spades champagne Molotov cocktail piece will be his  first piece from an upcoming collection that will be shown top of the second quarter. The collection will show influences of his surroundings and feelings at the moment.

The second piece is Drake, and Drugs. An interpretation of Drake spiraling out of control, blowing smoke and sipping lean, and possibly other drugs. I feel as though it's an ode to the lifestyle many rappers fall victim to. 

Put a face to the name and follow @MyKhal on twitter 

Check out more of MyKhal's work after the jump....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Op-Ed: Common Vs. Drake

First off,

These views do not necessarily reflect those of Lipstick and Lyrics.  

It's been a week and I know it took me a minute to write this because the Common vs. Drake rap beef was “too real for me to comment on” at the moment.

Sasha and I were sitting in the library watching the world tweet the quote “You Canada Dry”, I had to know why the people were going crazy, we listened to the "Stay Schemin" (Remix) with Rick Ross, Drake and French Montana feat. Common. I wish someone could have taped my reaction, I don’t know if I was surprised that he had blatantly dissed Drake or was it the style and finesse that Common has as a great MC.

I haven’t heard such a clear and direct diss record since Nas’ ‘Ether’. 

Generations and generations of rappers have engaged in rap battles and rap beef, some have ended careers and unfortunately some think that it may have ended lives.

Our recent generation have not enjoyed a great rap battle, and when I say a great battle, a battle that stir up emotions in the household and break up friendships some Jay-Z vs. Nas ish,

Common and Drake have not yet engaged in a rap battle because Drake has not responded to the remix record that Common released.  

Common took shots at Drake, he referred to Drake as “That Hoe Ass Ni**a.” He also made reference to his craft and music selection as “Hoe Music.” 

As a rap battle enthusiast, I would personally love and enjoy a response from Drake, but I’ve decided to let go of the outcome because Drake has made it clear that he does not participate in rap beef.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lipstick and Lyrics Standout Track: "Party Heart"

A few days ago MMG's Boss The Rozay dropped mixtape Rich Forever, so fans won't get too impatient as they wait for his much anticipated album God Forgives, I Don't. In true Rozay fashion the mixtape is saturated with street bangers with beats that knock.

While the people are loving "Stay Schemin" which features Drake and French Montana (and caused major beef between Drake and Common) The ladies of Lipstick and Lyrics are marching to the beat of their own drum and rocking with.....Party Heart which features MMG's own Stalley and 2 Chainz (Produced by Chuck Inglish). 

This is one of our favorites because it gives Stalley a chance to show his diversity, and at this point who doesn't love a 2 Chainz feature. While it doesn't have that official street banger knock, it has sound that still makes you wanna drink, smoke or do whatever your vice is. Party Heart is Lipstick and Lyrics official standout track.

Download: Party Heart

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From “Loud” to “Lean”: More and More Drug References

I couldn't decide between the title above or...
"Hip-hop and the Collision of Drug Culture: "F**k It I’m On One" hopefully I made the right choice.

Drugs and hip-hop collided back in the 1980s during the Crack-era. References to crack can be seen as the birth of some of the greatest hip-hop artist to date. Biggie, Jay-Z, Pusha-T and Young Jeezy are only a few of the rappers who have rapped to us the lifestyle of hustling drugs time and time again. 

Today the use of drugs has been dripped in purple propaganda. Codeine or Promethazine is sweeping the hip-hop culture and taking it by storm. From dealers to users are rappers encouraging drug use?

When Wiz Khalifa dropped his timeless mixtape "Kush and OJ" he birthed an entire culture of weed smokers and openly glorified tree smoking. Some of the greatest musicians such as Bob Marley openly smoked trees; he promoted peace and was spiritually connected to his faith, beliefs and his audience.  

Drugs has always had strong ties to music, some of the greatest have used and unfortunately struggled with drug use.

My piece is not to bash my favorite rappers, or file a complaint; it’s to bring awareness of the heightened drug references, as well as open drug use in hip-hop. Drugs have blatantly become a trend.

Most recently drug references have been making a killing in hip-hop. Tracks like "I'm On One" and "Rollin" can be heard as just a regular club joint or you can take it out of context or even put it into context as an ode to the popular love drug known as ecstasy. References to leaning, rolling and blazing have become concepts for some of our favorite songs.

Drugs are a lot more accepted by hip-hop, very different from the Crack-era; marijuana, ecstasy and prescription drugs are most popular amongst rappers.

The 2011 drink of choice next to Diddy's smooth vodka is the popular drink referred to and introduced to the rap game as “Lean” by our favorite Texas rappers. It has Drake and ASAP Rocky rapping and dedicating tracks to the prescription drug that gives an ill effect if mixed with sprite and sometimes with “Jolly Ranchers at the bottom.”

My biggest stink about the situation concerning the amount of drug references in hip-hop, is whether it is encouraging drug use amongst the masses. Our already whimsical and instant gratification chasing generation look up to hip-hop artist and using and abusing prescription drugs may be consuming rappers' message.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pregame Song Of The Week: Meek Mill "House Party" Feat. Young Chris

It's Halloween, and a snow storm NYC....but if your still going out bump this while your getting ready. Off the Dreamchasers mixtape

Have fun at that house party tonight Shaa..lol!!

Download: House Party

Friday, October 28, 2011

tabi Bonney "Feeling More" feat. Nicole Wray

Came across this on DD172 thought it was dope...Cool visual...cool song..